Hi, I am Anthony Kusuma

I am an experienced web designer based in Jakarta (Indonesia) & Sydney (Australia) who able to develop websites (e-commerce, web application, company profile, etc). I can also be your digital partner to maximise your strategy on the internet through targeted Digital Marketing. I am currently available for freelance work.

What Am I Doing Right Now?

Every time I am approached by recruiters, they always ask me, "What are you doing right now?". I understand that it is been a while since the last time I was being employed by someone. Sometimes I am also confused to answer this kind of question because there are a lot of things that I am doing. So, I think it would be best for me (an also the recruiters) to read this summary:

  • Working in Australia with Work and Holiday Visa. I am currently living in Sydney and looking for a job in IT field. Wish me luck!
  • Learning Android through Online Academy Scholarship from the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.
  • Learning React through Udemy and several courses.
  • Helping my clients through my freelance works.
  • Working on my personal projects, Cvee and Camil

Previous Experiences

I am proficient in product management, writing, digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing. I also have experience in various business fields, like Video Game, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Education, Beauty, Financial Technology, Headhunting & Recruitment Services and Fashion eCommerce.

  • 2018 - Product Manager at Metrox Group (onmezzo)
  • 2018 - Helping Danamerdeka to reach the MVP stage
  • 2016-2017 - Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of EKRUT
  • 2016 - Frontend Engineer at Modalku
  • ... and many more. Please kindly visit my Linkedin Profile. 😎

Latest Works

Well, this is kind of my latest portfolio. I can assure you that the look of my portfolio page in the new website will be better. 😅

  • 2019 - Revamping tes.anthonykusuma.com
    An Indonesian personality test as my "just-for-fun" project built with PHP (CodeIgniter) and Bulma. There are more than 200,000 visitors come each month and it's currently #1 psychological test website in Indonesia (Based on Google Search).
  • 2019 - i-perform
    A company website built with PHP (CodeIgniter) and Bootstrap.
  • 2019 - David's Dangerously Delicious
    A Chinese dish food franchise in Sri Lanka built with PHP (CodeIgniter) and Bootstrap. An additional online order is implemented.